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Why we should help save elephants

Elephants are an iconic animal and a keystone species of the African landscape. Because of their intelligent and sensitive nature, elephants are appropriately nicknamed the "gentle giant". Their size and feeding happens largely impact their ecosystem and help to maintain biodiversity. Animals rely on elephants to create waterholes and to help spread and germinate seeds. 

Each year more than 33,000 African elephants are killed. This number, fueled by growing demand for ivory, will continue to grow. Humans have also increasingly become competitors with elephants for living space. The large habitats that elephants need to thrive are slowly being converted into crop and pasture lands.

As a social enterprise, Elephant Electronics seeks to help the world through making positive social impacts. Because of this, we have pledged 15% of net proceeds to various partner elephant conservation organizations.

International Elephant Foundation    Save The Elephants    

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