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Electric Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Tool Set

Electric Makeup Cosmetic Brushes Tool Set


Regular cleaning of makeup brushes is very important to avoid the build up of bacteria, which can cause spots, skin abscesses, infections and cold sores. The good news is that it’s really simple to use. You just attach any makeup brush using one of eight collars, before dunking it for 10 seconds, spinning for another 10 seconds and then drying for five to 10 seconds.
This wonderful electric makeup brush cleaning tool gives you effective cleaning while it protects your skin from the unwanted skin damage due to improperly cleaned brushes.
Get this tool in your makeup gears and save time while enjoying trouble-free makeover!

  • Size: 1.18"/ 3 cm
  • Hair Material: Soft Synthetic Fiber
  • Hair Width: 0.79"/ 2 cm

Package Includes:
  • Makeup Brush Cleanser Set

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